About Us

25 years of living in a forest…

Hi, I’m Alan Price. I’ve been working as a tree surgeon and a forest officer for a long time now. I started working when I was in high school. Later I got certified and still working with trees and forests.

Trees are dear to my heart. Closer than most people in the world. As a forest officer, I’ve seen so much change over the years. It works like a phase for people. Some want to save the forest. But that voice works for a while. And then there’s a group of people who don’t care about the trees, just looking for an easy profit.

Then there’s another group who had no idea about how forestry works. Billions of trees are being cut down every year. They are unaware and want to live like that forever. I think it’s high time to change that thought process.

Not just simply trimming the trees for logging. People are solely destructive. They cut one and then think of the other. That’s why I stated I saw phases in people. Some are always on the television or Twitter writing about environmental issues when they haven’t visited a single forest in their lifetime.

I’m not blaming their good cause. It’s just to understand a matter, and you have to live through a certain situation. And that is the reason I started writing this blog in the first place. The very topic “sustainable forestry” is close to me than anything else.

Everyone needs to know how it’s like to live in a place full of wildlife and greenery to a balded land where you won’t even find a single bird. I’ve witnessed such an exhibition. And that site is not at all pleasant.

Most importantly, this situation is not displayed in a long time. It most likely happened within a week. The cause given was timber collection. And this is why I think it was time that people should comprehend the horrors and ways to prevent such destructive behaviors. I want people to be aware of what’s transpiring around us.