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Wooden windows are the classic staple of modern and archaic design. Every one of the designs, even the construction of the houses, has changed over time. But as for the windows, wood is always on the play. This is not due to circumstances but the appearance and application of timber. Most importantly, the affordability of wood everywhere globally makes it one of the most common materials used for doors and windows.
Over the years, the types of lumber used to make windows have changed. Now even the tree is estimated to match the preferred log. From color to its finishing, everything in the layout is pre-planned and is constructed likewise.
Ami windows are in the business for a long time now. We understand how much things have evolved, and that's how we display our design and construction of the windows.
To select the perfect window for your house, you might need to consider your house or apartments style first. If you already booked a professional planner, I'm sure they already showed you the windows and doors design. And if it's wooden windows, viola! We will be able to help you with your every need.

Here are some of the ready-made designs of wooden windows:
We can customize any timber window for you. Even if it's a modern industrial structure or an American farmhouse, we can design the window according to your need. But if you are replacing your boring old windows with some innovative wooden windows, you can always choose windows from our pre-made designs.
Awning window:
If you want windows for more light in the room, this is the perfect window for you. These windows are well secured from water and other elements.
Casement windows:
This is the perfect bedroom window. Usual casements are hinged at one side, and French casements are hinged on both sides.
Hung windows:
These windows are mostly locked at one side, and the downward part can move.
Gliding windows:
This type of window can be used in both the exterior and internal parts of the house. Easy to move and always more sunlight and air in the room.
Bay and bow windows:
This are mostly used in drawing rooms and fills the whole place with daylight. These windows can be customized in different forms.
Picture windows:
These are mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens. This has different shapes and sizes.
Our windows can be customized with different materials other than wood. We can easily incorporate composite materials like fiber. Fibre gives more strength and longevity with timber.
Next up is the glass. We utilize high-quality fiberglass for our windows. Vinyl and aluminum added with wood casing help protect the glass from the atmosphere, mainly rain and heat. So, the windows have more endurance and guarantee.
For added accessories, we can add grilles, insect screens even blinds. You'll get everything in one place. Most importantly, you can get an art glass with any hardware.
Wrapping up..
Ami windows can supply everything that you can want for a wooden window. We customize and design these windows to contrasting precise edifice.